Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Alternative Valentine's Day

Hello all! Well, it is Valentine's Day once again! Valentine's Day has always been interesting for me-never can get it quite right. I am with a wonderful man right now-soon to be husband- and this is our third Valentine's Day together. As usual, we are actually together for the third year in a row. We are both photojournalists and its amazing how you can forget holidays while working on photo stories. Our first year together he worked past midnight on a shoot, while I burned dinner terribly. We ended up eating bread and butter (the only thing I hadn't burned) and called it a night. Our second year together we were based in different states. Now, we are finally together in the same place-and we both scheduled shoots for Valentines Day!

S0 we celebrated yesterday. We are currently based around the El Paso, TX region and the hiking here is gorgeous! We spent majority of the day hiking in Franklin Mountain Parks. It was fantastic but I think I'm a bit out of shape. While he jogs ahead of me scaling steep trails I stay behind huffing and puffing for breath, clutching the stitch in my side. Don't get me wrong-I love hiking! But apparently my shins feel its been too long for such an ambitious hike. Still sore this morning-haven't felt those muscles in a while! After our hike we curled up and watched a movie with homemade guacamole. My favorite and one of his best dishes (lucky, I know!)

Now I am getting ready to head out on my shoot in a bit. I'm hoping to cross paths with him for lunch, but we shall see. We have found that Valentine's Day is much more successful with us when its celebrated the day before.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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